Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Señor Dan Bing?

     Awhile back, I posted about and tried to make "dan bing," a Chinese breakfast treat consisting of a crepe-and-egg arrangement.  You cook the egg right on the crepe, roll it up, slice into bite size sections, dip in sauce and enjoy!

      The crepe -- approximately an egg roll wrapper -- is very tricky to make from scratch. I managed only indifferent success on my first try. I looked for a commercially-made version, but the groceries around here don't stock egg roll wrappers. (Spring roll wrappers, you can find everywhere -- they don't work so well for this.)

      What you can find in grocery stores all over in Indiana are tortillas. While a flour tortilla is thicker than the original dan bing crepe, it turned out to be a fair substitute -- cooked in a little oil, flipped over and the well-scrambled egg-and-stuff poured on (and chased back as it spills over), then flipped again once the egg is set enough. I tried rolling up the end result around a strip of bacon and that works, too. The soy-and-sesame-oil seasoning of the original works fine, or you could try all manner of other tasty variations.


harp1034 said...

Look for a Vietnamese or Chinese food store. Just ask a Vietnamese woman where to go. They will have it.

Roberta X said...

True, very true. We have a very good Japanese grocery store in the general neighborhood (very good food, as well as some of the best junk food in the whole world!), but I don't know if there's a Chinese or Vietnamese place nearby. Must find this out.

batchainpuller said...

Oh my goodness. In the DC Metro area, the H-Marts are pushing out the regular supermarkets. Must be a different demo than Indianapolis. The H-Marts are great places to shop, too. Best produce. Every thing from every Asian ethnicity with Hispanic help that don't speak
English and don't understand Asian food.

Don't know, I don't know such stuff. I just do eyes, ju-, ju-, just eyes... just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes.

batchainpuller said...

I saw this technique on America's Test Kitchen. It' how the Chinese make superthin Mandarin pancakes for Mu Shu, etc. Like making tortillas, kind of, but very clever.