Monday, August 22, 2016

Of Gutters And Things

     For the amount of water that was arcing off the end of the gutter, the blockage wasn't all that much, several feet of leaves just along the very end of the gutter.  It had produced gallons of water, some of which I caught in a trash can and poured down the storm drain later.  The uncaught water gouged out a little pothole in the side yard. That corner -- perhaps that whole side of the house -- is ripe for rain barrels with hose-threaded boiler valves and short concrete-block stands

     I was a slug yesterday and only cleared the gutter and downspout, did some laundry, did a little necessary shopping and that was it.  --Or it other than dinner, a kind of mushroom ragout with slow-cooked beef:
By the paintbrush of Arcimboldo, does that resemble a face in profile?
     It was pretty good and I will do better next time -- the onion's a little too sharp and the shiitake mushrooms could stand to be replaced by straw mushrooms, I think.  But it's good nevertheless.

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JayNola said...

I'm digging the cute little hook nose.