Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Gum Up An Airport

     ...Make a series of loud bangity sounds.  No, don't -- in a time when media coverage magnifies the per-capita incidence of terror attacks, among populations who can't tell a rifle shot from a popped paper bag, all it takes is the perception of danger and LAX grinds to a halt.

     Something similar happened earlier this month at JFK airport, too.  H'mm, both in regions where lawful possession of firearms is discouraged by law, who'd'a thunk?

     Imagine the harm a prankster with boombox could do in such areas.  Or even no boombox, just a burner celphone and the number for airport security: "I heard shots!"  You can be sure they're thinking of it -- for multiple definitions of "they."

     After WW II, SF writer Eric Frank Russell wrote a novel called Wasp.  The title is from a newspaper report of a multiple-fatality one-car accident caused by a wasp inside the vehicle.  The novel is based on WW II covert action using a similar "small cause -- huge harm" approach.  Sometimes I wonder who else read it -- and made notes.


Unknown said...

If you like British police drama, watch "Collision", a Masterpiece contemporary/PBS movie along this line. Not the airport, but the car collision.

Merle Morrison said...

I read a sci - fi novel with the same theme many years ago, but sadly don't recall the title.


Roberta X said...

Merle, it may have been "Wasp."

Secesh said...

That was a great novel. I think I've read all his work, he was a great author.

Tim D said...

Just think of the havoc Michael Winslow could wreak.

Roberta X said...

But he did such a nice history of the typewriter.