Monday, October 24, 2016

Ha! Leaf-Raking. Also, Polls

     I've got the yard about half-raked and perhaps a half of that bagged before I ran out of bags, so that's not too bad.  It appears we won't get rain again until Wednesday, so there's at least a chance I can get the worst of the fallen leaves up before they get soaked again.

     The strange people inside my TV tell me that Sec. Clinton now has a double-digit lead over Mr. Trump.  Remind me again, what he would have done differently if he had set out to throw the election and embarrass the GOP?  It's no use carping the mainstream media is in the bag for Sec. Clinton; you knew that going in and media favoritism certainly did not keep Richard Nixon from winning under similar circumstances.  This Presidential race was the Republican party's to lose and if the polls are to be trusted -- a legitimate concern -- they have.  As a libertarian outsider, I have watched the GOP's slide to the anti-intellectual social Right with concern: at one point, I could pick out the fiscal conservative/socially moderate candidates and vote for them with a relatively clear conscience, but they're a vanishing breed.  Guess that's my problem and not the GOP's and if you're happy with the present formulation of the product, keep on keeping on.

     The results of the downticket races this election will be instructive.  I don't know if either Presidential candidate has much in the way of coattails but you can bet the party apparatchiks will have a finger to the wind.


Egregious Charles said...

Yeah, that's why I voted for Rand Paul in the primaries and am leaning toward Gary Johnson in the general, even though I don't like him all that much either. He's still the best protest vote I have against Trump and Hillary both. I can't recall an election that was so much "voting against" instead of "voting for".

Mike Doyle said...

You're quite correct, of course. But, I'm rather concerned about the fireworks that we will see once this trainwreck comes to rest on November 9th. Yes, I'm aware of the ongoing ISP investigation into potential voter fraud from the Left in 56 counties (thus far!), and the rumors of voter fraud in other states; no, I do not know what to do about it (if there is anything that could be done about it by a private citizen).

Our Mr. Trump, regardless of his own motives, illuminates the dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger among the lowly residents of Flyoverland (vide Mr. Trump's base). If they perceive themselves to have been cheated, much less betrayed, the backlash will be interesting, in the Chinese sense of the word...

I'm not looking forward to it, regardless of the outcome.