Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meet Yuja Wang. Meet Tchaikovsky.

     You boys'll start listening 'cos she dresses sexy.  You stay listening 'cos she's really, really good.

     That Russian was no slouch, either.

     Bonus link: you wanna see a warm-up?  She's machine-gun quick!


The Old Man said...

The virtuosity displayed in the "warmup" Utube was exquisite. Preferred it to the short skirt, but that's just me.

Joe Allen said...

Well. There goes getting anything done today.

Watch her rip Prokofiev a new one:

People tend to forget that the piano is a percussion instrument, and a very large and physical one at that. Not only is she fantastically dextrous, she is strong!

JayNola said...

It brings to mind the old line about how good a dancer Ginger Rogers was, "Backwards and in High Heels". She's an amazing pianist.

CGHill said...

I've bought three albums (so far) by Yuja Wang, and have occasionally featured her on the blog for possibly nonmusical reasons.

If you have half an hour to spare, she delivers what I think is the second-best reading of Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto, only slightly behind the legendary recording by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Anonymous said...

She's excellent, but she probably shouldn't take suggestions for stage names from 14 year old boys.

Monty James

Ken said...

Very impressive so far.