Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Trash Day!

     Oh, wondrous trash day!  The day on which the City delivers fresh, new tra-  Oh, wait.  That's right: they take the old trash away.  This is a better arrangement.  Fincanced by my real-estate taxes.  Could be done privately and, in fact, the City contracts it out.  Do they take a cut and thereby increase what it costs taxpayers?  Please.

     It's also the lead-in to one of my increasingly infrequent days off, during which I will be raking up wet leaves.  A lot of them.  Won't that be fun?

     Meanwhile, in that strange wold inside my TV set, it appears that someone might win the Presidency.  This gives me cold chills down my spine.  Meanwhile, Oceania has always been at war with Eastaisia.  Always.  And I'm off for another day of throwing history into the furnace.

     Oh, and for those of you you don't follow me on F@cebook:
    "Milo Yiannopoulos is proof that Röhm wasn't built in a day."
     Dude, don't confuse the Browncoats with the Brownshirts.)


EgregiousCharles said...

I'm not sure I get this, are you comparing Milo to Röhm? Because Milo is one of the least Röhm-like gays there are. Milo's not supporting the "progressive, scientific" authoritarianism that promises to use its power to protect his feelings, but will inevitably turn on him in the end. They're already starting to turn on gays.
Or perhaps you were making exactly that point but I didn't understand it without the context, if so, thanks!

Roberta X said...

Gay man sucking up to authoritarians who disapprove of his inclinations and thinking he's safe? Same-ish. History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

Egregious Charles said...

"Gay man sucking up to authoritarians who disapprove of his inclinations and thinking he's safe?" That describes every gay man who supports the Left rather than Milo; there isn't some kind of equal balance of authoritarianism here.

Remember, Germans were people, not monsters. Hitler wouldn't have gotten any support if he ran on what he was going to actually do, he campaigned as a progressive and promised peace. The Brownshirt leadership was extensively gay, it wasn't just Röhm. It was the same sad story we see today, of the abused outsiders promised protection by Big Brother. Hitler turned on Röhm and gays in general because after the outsiders brought him to prominence, they were an embarrassment. An authoritarian state never tolerates any differences for long because they always need new scapegoats for the failure to bring about the promised utopia.