Sunday, October 23, 2016

So, About Those Leaves

     Saturday didn't go as planned.  A small breakfast -- one egg on toast -- and a nice soak in Epsom salted bathwater, and I was up and at 'em: took my bicycle to the stores, bought a fresh donut for later, had a nice lunch, rode around a little more, returned home, sat down--

     And promptly nodded off.  I was exhausted!  By sheer will, I got up, sorted and started laundry, loaded the dishwasher, sat down in front of the TV and dozed again.  Woke up when the washer stopped, loaded the dryer and started the dishwasher, puttered around a little and went to bed.

     So today, maybe some raking.  And nothing else very active.  I guess I still haven't fully recovered.

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