Thursday, October 13, 2016

Voting At Gunpoint?

     By gosh, you've got to hand it to the Russians: they came up with the one gambit that had me thinking (for five or ten seconds, anyway) about voting for Ms. Clinton:

     Russia promises nuclear war if Hillary Clinton is elected.  And that's from NBC, "America's Network Of (broken) Record," so you know it must be true -- or at least as true any of Brian Williams's tales of derring-do in dire and desperate, er, derpumstances.

     Bite me, Russian government.  I decided on Gary Johnson early, when neither party had anything even close to an acceptable candidate* and that has not changed.  Point an H-bomb at me? You did that already! Naval Avionics has been in Indianapolis since before the Cold War and the Army has been writing paychecks for every soldier in this town for almost as long: I'm already a casualty of WW III.  I was born dead.  Every town I have ever lived in was a target.

     I was born on (or just after, historians squabble) the very tail end of the Baby Boom.  I grew up with this playing out inside my head.
     What you call Hell, I call home. Bring it. Vlad. Let's make the rubble bounce and we'll see which side bred the best cockroaches afterwards.  Are you so stupid that you really think we have any reason not to?

     In other news, I'm exhausted all the time and I am tired of trying to turn the gibberish that comes off my fingers into intelligible text.   The Prednisone side effects linger and so does the atypical pneumonia.  I can't keep waking up and coming up with new stuff every morning any more.  I'm going to try preloading interesting items as they occur and see if I can't buy myself some time.

     Found out yesterday I'll be working random shifts through this weekend and then getting one day off the weekend after next.  Meanwhile, the leaves continue to fall.  The overtime doesn't add up to enough to pay for yard work.
* "Acceptable:" you know, Bernie Sanders didn't look all that bad compared to the eventual nominees: Presidents have limited powers and while Democrat politicians like to talk socialism, the overwhelming majority of them are owned by mechantilist capitalists who, however mealy-mouthed they are, shudder at the thought of "feeling the Bern."  He couldn't've done all that much harm -- no more than Mr. Obama has, at least, which is plenty but the trains are not less on time than they were eight years ago -- and Congress would have spent four years wetting themselves in fear, waiting for their owner's banks and telecom companies to get nationalized by Executive fiat.†  In hindsight, that image is pretty appealing.  Seriously, him or Sec. Clinton, which one is worse?  I'm going with her.

† Not an actual power of the President.  Not that it has stopped them in the past.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Do what you must, and don't do what you shouldn't, to get back to health. I have taken Prednisone a few times for my colitis. It gives me full blown mania. Rather disturbing to walk around knowing I am insane, to see the scare in other people as they talk to you, and to need to explain that in a few days, I will start tapering off the drug and return to normal.

And of course that is in addition to the effects on the immune system.

Adrian K said...

That's why I decided fairly early on for supporting Bernie. I simply find him as a person to be the least revolting and the least likely to be on the take. And Vermont's firearms rules don't exactly suck either.

Perhaps I'm wrong and am overly idealistic in believing in the fable of disinterested politicians and noblesse oblige, but I do certainly like the idea of 'We' as a people fixing what ails our country instead of an array of politicians promising that they are the cure. And I certainly wasn't getting that from any of the other candidates of either major party.

Anonymous said...

Take the necessary time to get well.. we can wait

Roberta X said...

Jeffrey Smith, I come close to that. I find myself blurting out the most awful things! It seems to be fading but I want to never take that stuff again.

fillyjonk said...

I remember when I was given IV corticosteroids (bad reaction to multiple fire ant bites). I was scrubbing my kitchen floor at 2 am. The thing was, it didn't occur to me AT ALL that that was extremely abnormal for me until three days later when the steroids had warn off. I was also super-angry for those three days and I am normally not an angry person. And I wanted to eat the whole world: hunger like I had not had since I was a teen going through growth spurts.

Steroids have important medical uses but dang do the side effects suck.

The Jack said...

Heck, Indy was a target for the Jerries.

If they ever got their fancy trans-Atlantic Bombers up and running (big if).
Indy was like Target #13 or so.

Will said...

Russia is pushing to keep Hillary from being "elected", as she seems to be planning on starting a war with them over Syria and other areas. Obama may start the ball rolling for her, as they both need cover from the possibility of Trump following through on his promise to have people indicted. Trump has no interest in war with the Russians.

"may you live in interesting times"

Corticosteroids have varied side effects in my siblings and myself. None of it good, or acceptable.