Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Sunset Over The Stutz Buildings

     Just happened to be in the right parking lot at the right time:

     ....Annnnd now Blogger won't let me post pictures.  Okay, then.  Sorry, folks.


Douglas2 said...

I'm still trying to figure out what makes "the Stutz" "Indianapolis' Most Unique Space For Rent" How does one quantify uniqueness? Given the trouble people have pricing real-estate without several similar-enough "comparable properties", I should think that it is an intractable problem to say that some highly-unique "x" is uniquerer than a similarly highly-unique "y". Or is it just that the property "unique" is very rare in Indy properties, so that there is no competition?

Roberta X said...

Indeed, how can you be more unique than unique? One-of-a-kind isn't really a scaled comparative: either there really is only one Stutz complex, as fascinating an interconnected series of early auto-industry buildings as you're likely to see, or there isn't. (As far as I know, this one is all there is.)

While this isn't the only loft-type space in town, and perhaps not even the only one in which most of the tenants are artists, it is one of the very few; given the location and original design, it has probably got the best natural light of any, especially since most of the adjacent old buildings of any height have been torn down. The frontage, in a kind of understated, subtly-logo'ed Art Deco, is a delight to look at. Many of the details carry all the way around the building.