Monday, May 22, 2017

Hamvention Aftermath

     Except for cooking and a few trips to the market, I have slept or rested for most of the last two days.  That long drive really takes it out of me! 

     Walking through the flea market right before leaving, I passed by a young couple who had just packed up their space.  The man got behind the wheel of his big pickup truck, laughing and joking, started it up -- and hit the air horns as several of us walked past.  Loudest thing I have heard in years!  I covered my ears but it was on my right side and the hearing in my right ear has been wonky ever since.  Thanks, idiot.  Hoping it will wear off.

     Still not sorry I went.   Maybe next year I'll be able to leave earlier.


Anonymous said...

That may well have been a train air-horn.

It's becoming a bit of a thing. The same type of folks who enjoy 'rolling coal' with their diesel engines tuned overly-rich are into them. All it takes is a compressed air tank as a reservoir and a locomotive horn with a solenoid air valve.

They are indeed LOUD. I bet you could feel the blast propagating through you. My state has made their roadway use illegal...

Anonymous said...

He is not entitled to harm our hearing. There is no mystery about it today. de KF5ZW

BTW, how is that Harvey Wells working out?

Will said...

If the hearing problem (whistling, ringing, volume loss) lasts more than two days, it indicates permanent hearing damage. It "may" improve, somewhat, over a few months time. If lucky.