Thursday, May 04, 2017

Superhero Design, Northern Edition

     Looking around the Web, you can easily find Canadian-themed superheroes; many are generally modeled on Captain America, right down to a maple leaf-themed shield. No, clever artists, totally wrong! His shield should be made of solid rock. ...Kids these days....


Ygolonac said...

Captain Canuck comes to mind right away, as well as a certain short hairy dude...

...Puck, from Alpha Flight, *the* premiere Canadian superteam (Marvel Comics).

Oh yeah, Wolverine (Logan/Howlett versions) is Canadian as well. :V Deadpool has claimed to be at various times, but that's been retconned back and forth depending on the writers.

There's a number of others, going back to the Silver Age at least, but I don't have my comics with me so I can't start referencing 'em. (And my work internet blocks altogether too many useful sources of info.)

Glenn Kelley said...

The creator of Superman was Canadian .
Creative copying happens all the time .

A lot of '70s and '80s tv was based on British shows , Threes Company and Sandford and Son come to mind .