Thursday, May 11, 2017

Okay, I Was Goofing Off

     Wasted the morning looking at videos about steam engines and such.  So I'm out of time.  Um, gee -- politics is still insane, just a mirror-image (more or less) of the preceding eight years.  Meet the new boss, loathed by the press.   Which I see as an advantage: if only more of the press looked to Washington with hostile suspicion no matter which party was in power!  But I'm a dreamer.  We'll take what we get when we get it, and, being Americans, we'll gripe all the while.


Monty James said...

" . . .if only more of the press looked to Washington with hostile suspicion no matter which party was in power!"

That would be great, but they don't, and haven't for years now. The press, maybe not all but most, have cast themselves as sort of a Praetorian guard for one party, and one party only. A lot of serious stuff was glossed over or outright ignored by them for eight years. It's 'heads I win, tails you lose', and I'm not grateful for it at all.

Don't know if you saw the video clip, but some late-night comedian's trained clapbots cheered when they were supposed to boo at the news of the FBI director's dismissal. They hadn't heard about the new Party line, and it was hilarious.

Roberta X said...

I'm sorry your glass is half empty, but mine's still half-full: they could be blindly cheering on whichever half of the running-every-damned-thing-party was in power. As it is, they keep a highly wary eye on one half -- and this occasionally makes a few of 'em suspicious of Big Power in general.

I'd like a universally suspicious, cynical, skeptical and somewhat-hostile Press, that ground its axes on the editorial pages and wielded a keener, cleaner blade elsewhere; but what we've got better than Pravda.

RandyGC said...

I'm still trying to figure out how a morning watching videos of steam engines and such is "wasted". The only I problem I see is that you haven't shared links of any you found particularly interesting.

(Like the guy that spent hours going down the rabbit holes of related links to Tam's post on the Bleriot trophy video needs any more links...)