Saturday, May 13, 2017

Even A Blind Sow Shows The Right Time Twice A Day

     The venerable old -- and reliably left-leaning, as in already fallen over and won't get up -- Grauniad gets it right from time time, though mostly on the op-ed-ish pages.  F'rinstance, talking sense about the dangerousness of radioactivity.

     Hunh.  You still shouldn't go soaking it it -- but you kind of already are, and so have your ancestors been, way, way back, even before there were any you could really recognize as specifically ancestral.


Douglas2 said...

I used to live near (but upwind) of a landfill run (in model fashion) by BFI where the acceptance of "low level" waste essentially subsidized the free landfill of waste from all the municipalities in the county. A local politician freaked out about this when anti-nuke campaigners started fear-mongering, and spearheaded efforts to make the landfill not economically viable.

Of course on the news reports she was pictured in her kitchen, leaning on her Uba Tuba granite countertop. The LLNW coming in to the landfill was inherently (by transportation regulations) less radioactive than her kitchen, and by the time it was mixed with the local general waste even less so -- a tiny fraction of what one would expect from local environment in more mountainous parts of the state...

Roberta X said...

Sounds, sadly, about par for the course.