Sunday, January 14, 2018

Good Class!

     Yesterday's writing class was indeed interesting, offering plenty of insight into generating solid characters and plots, using three flexible tools -- one to work out a premise and basic character,* one to get better insight into that character, and a useful "fifteen-beat" plot structure that at least provides a start on telling the story.

     The instructor was engaging and enthusiastic, which always helps.  Outside of writing, she's a primary educator, which means (for us students) the bonus of a teacher with readable handwriting and excellent classroom skills.  Add in what I took to be a certain joy at not having to limit her vocabulary nor skirt sniggersome terms and topics, and it was a remarkably pleasant class.

     And it was good material.  Like any other approach to writing, it can become formulaic if followed too rigidly; but stories (mine, at least) tend to wander without some guide.  My outlines have been sketchy to non-existent and that has been a source of difficulty.  This may well help.

     The work stuff?  I don't know.  I haven't asked.  They have my phone numbers.
* Primarily a set of small-to-middling "what ifs," charted out in a manner similar to a mind map.  Do this through even a few iterations and you'll have generated not just one story idea but several.

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