Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ice Fog Yesterday

     So there was no tower work yesterday.  Today, the chances are better, with ground temperatures well above freezing.

     I spent some time yesterday looking at pictures from a remote-controlled video camera well up on the tower, watching various-sized sections of ice break free and plummet down.  It was nothing you'd want to be beneath at ground level and there was no way anyone would have been able to work safely on the tower.

     Today may be better -- but even cold, wet surfaces are dangerously slippery. 


Gewehr98 said...

Having been on deployed assignment to Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, AK on more than one occasion, I can safely say that real ice fog is some scary stuff. You don't know where the ground and sky meet, it's that bad. It's an automatic No Fly Day for the airfield, which extended my stay there an extra day or three. Falling ice from a radio tower is bad juju, any way you look at it. (From a safe distance, of course)

Zendo Deb said...

If you can get approval from management, it would be cool to see some of that video sometime.