Monday, January 15, 2018

Yesterday Was Too Much

     Yesterday was cold.  The Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show was in town, and our out-of-town friends, The Data Viking and Shootin' Buddy, headed to Indianapolis to go there with us.  Tamara and I, that is.

     Cold day, snow on the ground: I wore my big, black Milwaukee motorcycle boots, with nice thick lugged soles.  They're not light.

     We departed around 9:30 and stopped for breakfast at Good Morning Mama's, enjoying corned beef hash, breakfast burritos and various omelettes.  And then off to the show!

     The State Fairgrounds were crowded.  There was a big "Garage Sale And Marketplace" event as well as the Midwest Reptile Show (I hope they were bundled up!).  We parked on the far side and walked a little over a quarter-mile, then walked the gun show with the slow and slightly sideways shuffle common to gun shows, farmer's markets, crowded flea markets and similar gatherings.  About three-quarters of the way through, I realized my knee wasn't happy and my boots seemed to be getting heavier; I hurried through and found a chair where I could sit and wait for the rest of the party.

     Seen but not purchased: a number of Webley revolvers in both .455 and British ".38," also known as .38/200 or 380/200, which is really .38 S&W in UK military uniform. Alas, Webleys are usually priced out of my reach and these were no exception.  At least one of them -- a civilian-model .38 in lovely shape -- was entirely worth the asking price.  Also saw a Savage automatic in .380 ACP, which is the less-common chambering.  In decent shape aside form some filing on the backstrap (!), a replacement bottom on the magazine (I've had the magazine bottom slide clean off a Savage auto while shooting; it's a weak point) and good-quality replacement grips.  That one was priced to move -- had I the price, which I didn't.

     It was a long, cold walk back to the car.  We all went to the new Books & Brews in Broad Ripple for a late lunch. I had tasty chicken fingers; Tam and Shootin' Buddy opted for differing charcuterie plates and The Data Viking contented himself with a nice cider.

     By the time we got back home, I was exhausted.  Laid down for a bit and fell fast asleep while Tam and The Data Viking chatted.  Woke sufficiently to make civilized goodbyes and went back to bed shortly after.  And that was my Sunday.


Jerry said...

I have to attend one of these shows...when it get's warmer.

Paul said...

Sounds like a good time I would expect.

Heavy boots do take some getting used to. More so as we age.

Countglockula said...

I was a daily wearer of Vasque hiking boots for many a year but they grew heavier, or perhaps I grew weaker. I replaced them with leather walkers for a while, but even these became cumbersome. What with aging and more foot problems, I have since graduated to Crocs, the Old Man's mainstay.

Don't laugh... as Ms X can certainly confirm, foot issues are debilitating and can quickly take the joy out of life, as well as greatly restrict mobility.

PS: I have tried orthotics and hated them, so have stayed with the Crocs.


Old NFO said...

Glad there was no damage to the knee!