Friday, January 12, 2018

Three, Two One...Winter Storm!

     Overnight, rain turned to freezing rain, with turned sleet, which turned to ice pellts and they, I'm told, are becoming snow.  Possibly several inches of snow, and even more further south.  Yes, south; it appears the weather patterns had swept southward and picked up moisture, which is now being dumped at such a rate that the larger amounts will be left before the wave of snow reaches Indianapolis.

     Traffic is every bit as bad as you might expect, except where it is worse.

     And the project I've been making vague references to all this week?  I finally got men aloft early yesterday, during a break in the rain. The temperature at the ground was above 50°F.  They were much colder at 800-some feet, where the wind was howling so badly they could barely hear one another or the walkie-talkie, but we did accomplish some trouble-shooting.  Repair -- actually, replacement -- of the heavy devices I'd sent them up to look at was out of the question.  About the time we reached that conclusion, it started raining heavier and the wind picked up, which ended further discussion.

     What those devices are and what they do, I'd better not say.  But they'd sure be handy right about no -- not personally, but professionally.


Drang said...

So, got started installing the new ansible, did you?

Rob K said...

It's interesting to note that in climbing that tower, they doubled their elevation above sea level!