Friday, November 01, 2019

Back To Work, In The Cold

     November has swept and and brought winter with it.  The outside temperature is 26°F at present.  With luck, we'll reach 46 today.  The forecast calls for highs in the low fifties next week, with lows at or below freezing

     We still have tower work to do.  Some of it quite fiddly.  The crew -- nearly all from far warmer regions of the country -- was planning to buy warm clothes during our rained-out days and I hope they haven't under-estimated the chill at altitude  There's nearly always a breeze once you get above a hundred feet above ground.  It can be lovely in the summer but once it gets cold, well, up there, it's colder still.

     We're expecting some critical parts to arrive today. I think we'll need more before the job can be finished but it's getting close.

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rickn8or said...

I sincerely hope all the people complaining about the "unseasonably warm" weather are happy now.