Sunday, November 10, 2019

So Much Catching Up

     Laundry, dishes, cat boxes, SLEEP...!  Still getting caught up.  And I have a hammering headache and mild dizziness to go along with it.  Took analgesics a half hour ago, just checked blood pressure (okay!  Better than my doctor's-office usual, in fact*), so I'm just going along with it.

     I need to pick up a prescription, which I will beg Tam to get for me, and I have a nice batch of beef stew from yesterday to reheat.  It was pretty good then and a night in the fridge usually lets the ingredients get to know one another even better, so hopes are high.

     Next stop?  A yard full of fallen leaves!
* I have "White coat syndrome:" doctor's offices put me on high alert.  Oh, I can suppress my reactions, and I do, but blood pressure doesn't lie.


JayNola said...

Gumbo, like beef stew, always is better the next day. Maybe it's the cool warm cycle letting all the ingredients breath or something but I've been known to make gumbo the day before throw it in the reefer just to take advantage of the effect.

Ratus said...

"I have "White coat syndrome…"

My Pop has the same thing, he got them to take his BP before he talked to anyone at the doctor's office.

The difference between before him talking to someone and after was about 20 points.