Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November, Indeed

     The cold rain started at mid-morning yesterday, changed to freezing rain and then to snow before stopping late last night.  There's at least an inch on the ground now.  Skies cleared and it was 11°F when I woke up.  Today's high will be 22°F.

     Tam and I just cleared away most of the fallen leaves from the front and back yards Sunday.

     I think the seasons may have changed.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the leaves. That shitty winter weather is moving east to my location today, and I still have one area of my property to finish the leaves. Now they will be frozen to the ground and difficult to move unless it warms up significantly before REAL winter.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I didn't bother with the back yard, I figure we can get it done in the spring.

Of course the front yard that I cleared on Sunday had leaves all over it from the maples and oaks down the street that hadn't yet got the "it's fall" message. But it's not as bad as it would have been had I not done the work Sunday.

I told my wife we're paying to get it done next year. Too much work for an old man.

RandyGC said...

When I left in the morning for the ceremony at the VFW post it was sunny and no leaves on the driveway and parking pad. By the time I got home after the dentist late afternoon it was sleeting with occasional freezing rain, just enough to tack down the ton of other people's leaves that covered the driveway.

Paul said...

4 inches on the ground with more predicted for tonight/tomorrow. winter is here.