Monday, November 25, 2019

Firefox Is Very Crashy

     Busy this morning -- took the day off to do more yard work.  Firefox has been crashy today and as a result, I didn't blog much.

     Here's a small can of corned beef hash, with an egg on top and a little flipped over to show the cornbread crust.  Parsley and pepper on the egg.


RandyGC said...

Since I updated my system to Windows 10* this weekend I can't make Firefox my default browser: Spending more time on Opera as the new default.

The hash picture reminds me I haven't eaten yet today. Hope you enjoyed/had a productive day off

(*My machine dual boots to Linux, but I have several apps that will only run under windows, so spend most of my time in that partition)

rickn8or said...

RandyGC, things like that are precisely why I moved to Linux this year.

A pox on Windows in general, and Windows 10 in particular.