Tuesday, November 05, 2019

It's Election Day!

     Okay, they're mostly little elections around here, but large or small, the people around you are voting at you!  Hadn't you better get out there and vote right back at them?

     It appears that I've got a Mayoral race, and a...non-race; there's only one guy running for the City-County Council seat that represents this part of town, which annoys me no end.

     No elected position should be so "safe" that the other parties just give up on it.  Councilman Unopposed is a Democrat, and maybe nothing any further Right will fly here in town, in an arsty neighborhood.  Maybe the Libertarian Party of Indiana hasn't a chance (though counting yard signs during presidential years, I'm not so sure that a candidate willing to wear out shoe leather and listen to the people, one on one, could not succeed).  But why isn't anyone trying to get around him on the Left?  Where are our Greens, our Socialists, the suit-wearing versions of the wild-eyed sign-wavers?  Did they all give up and go home?

     City-County Council might not be much, but poor decisions there can make an up close and personal mess of things with a speed and thoroughness the State and Feds only wish they could manage.

     I'll go do my civic duty, one vote and one abstention or write-in, but if nobody steps up next time, maybe I'll run for the seat.  No one should stand for election unopposed.


JimBob said...

Run Bobbi Run!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm running for mayor on a write-in ticket and a platform of ruthlessly leaving the citizenry alone.

Told my wife it would be hilarious if I won. She was not impressed :)

Drang said...

I'm rather amazed, almost all the propositions and referenda I voted against seem to be failing, and the ones I voted for seem to be passing.
(Almost all were either to raise taxes -- in the first instance -- or to undo taxes raised against We the People's wishes. Plus a rather egregious attempt to make discrimination legal again, as "Affirmative Action.")

None of the candidates for office I voted against lost, but I submitted write ins for all of them -- Malcolm Reynolds, Bernardo de la Paz, Gunnar Helm and Nicholas van Rijn...
(Non-partisan offices all, school board and port authority, mostly running on platforms of encouraging "diversity" and hugging trees. If a school board position, you throw "STEM" in there to make it look like you actually care about education.)

In related news, it sounds as if the incumbents in Seattle's city council race took a beating, especially a notorious commie.
No lamp posts involved, this is Seattle, they'll just cut off their Starbucks account.