Sunday, November 29, 2020

Books, Books, Books

      A remarkable amount of this day has been spent digging through the astonishing pile of books (and a few gadgets) that is still, slightly, occupying a three-sided nook of bookshelves in one corner of the library/dining room here at Roseholme Cottage.  I built the newest set of shelves in that corner a couple of years ago and never expanded the science fiction and fantasy collection into it.  Instead, first the shelves, then the floor between them and eventually a great and dangerous volume of space filled up with books and other things in a random jumble. 

      It just...happened.  Slowly.  "I'll park this here and deal with it later."  Later never arrived -- more stuff did.  Eventually, I realized I had a problem, one so big I kept putting off doing something about it.

      Until today.  Between rounds of laundry, putting the scooter battery on the trickle-charger and a little -- a very little -- bit of leaf-raking, I have been slowly sorting through the great pile.  I'm not done yet and I probably won't finish tonight, but I will get it done.


JC said...

Books books books books Lovely books, wonderful books (Chorus of Vikings goes here)

RandyGC said...

Books Books Books Heathkit and Books doesn't have so many books.

(looking at my book shelf in the shack)