Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Peaceful Transition Of Power

      It's an important part of a free and democratic republic: the peaceful transition of power.  In the United States, it is a process with well-defined steps.

     There's a teapot-tempest brewing in the headlines: one of the early steps calls for the General Services Administration to recognize the apparent winner of the Presidential election, which releases funding, services, office space and hardware to the incoming Administration.  Presently, the GSA boss doesn't think the outcome of the election is quite apparent enough.  The votes are still being counted (or recounted) and there have been court challenges.

     For his part, Joeseph Biden has downplayed the delay.  He's been through this before.  The incoming Obama Administration experienced one of the smoothest Presidential transitions in U. S. history; George W. Bush's people worked closely with them to facilitate the process.  Things will happen when they happen.

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