Friday, November 06, 2020

...What Can I Say?

      A lot of people slept through Civics or U.S. Government class in high school; a lot of people slept through every U. S. History class they ever took.

     Elections take time to count.  Elections in the United States have been though a number of major reforms, all of them intended improve voter access and provide for better integrity and accountability in the tabulation of votes.  It is a highly distributed process -- a lot of hands touch a lot of little pieces of the process, watched at every step, and there are no bottlenecks where one or even a few malefactors could tweak the results.

     There's simply no easy way to cheat on a large scale.

    But just for the sake of argument, let's say there was.  Let's say there's some method to put a thumb on the scales, and some way to ensure the eternal silence of the hundreds or thousands of people it would take to accomplish the job.  Given that level of control, if you went to cheat at an election, this election, how would you go about it?  A landslide would be fishy; the country is too divided to make a landslide likely.  But if you set out to cheat, you'd want a clear and quick result, something plausible but definitely ensuring your guy won.

     We certainly don't have that.  The results are still on a knife-edge in multiple states.  The TV drones on and on about fractional percentages and trends and predictability, about lawsuits and recounts.  It's not doing either candidate any favors.  No, what we have is frustrating and messy -- but it's not fraud.

      There isn't anything I can say about it will make a difference in your opinion.  Just remember, Russia and Red China would like nothing more than chaos and unrest in the United States.  Please don't help give them what they want.  Like it or not -- and you probably don't -- we're all in this together.

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Antibubba said...

I wish all the bloggers I read were as rational as you (and Tam) are, Roberta. I truly admire many of them, but it's TEOTWAKI all the time. It's tiring and tiresome.