Thursday, November 12, 2020

I Thought This Roller-Coaster Ride Was Ending

     Here we are again, headed uphill with the ratchet going tick, tick, tick....  Indiana is back under stronger coronavirus preventative measures (although no "lockdowns") as of the coming weekend.

     Here's why:

     I'd ask my friends and acquaintances who were saying, "This virus stuff will all end after the election," how this can be, but most of them have headed off to their own bubbles, whatever new variations of social media are currently popular among the folks who took being fact-checked or banned as a mark of pride rather than evidence of poor research or clumsy presentation.  Of course, the problem with bubbles is that eventually you'll stifle in there, unless something large and sharp pops the thing.

     It doesn't look like this bug is going away just yet, and that sucks.


Douglas2 said...

But on the plus side there is one announced (and one about to be announced) effective vaccine, that we should start seeing in real-life come the new year.

I was seeing what seemed like well-argued predictions last spring of a November/December 2nd wave, and colleges in my area all took that to heart enough that in the summer they all took effort to rejig their fall schedules in order that they could send freshly-COVID-tested students home before Thanksgiving. They've got a nice campus physical cocoon going, and in spite of the skyrocketing number of local 'townie' cases the staff, faculty, and students have been remarkably untouched, if one can believe their press offices.

Unknown said...

Mindless-YES...Fascinating-Not even close

Roberta X said...

And yet, Unknown at 9:59 a.m. (and I *do* know your URL), you found me so fascinating you just had to comment instead of crawling back into your bubble and never returning, a course of action I strongly recommend.

Roberta X said...

Douglas2, some of the places I have been checking for projections were predicting a November-December peak. I was hoping they were mistaken. They weren't.

RandyGC said...

Hope you and yours stay safe

CINCHOUSE tested positive last week and mine came back positive today. No major issues for either of us as of yet. Mostly a recurring cough and a lot of fatigue.

We've both tried to be careful and and I don't go out much anyway, but she works at a school where other teachers tested positive.

I'm thankful for home delivery and curbside service.

Roberta X said...

That's lousy news, RandyGC, and the two of you will be in my thoughts. It's minor for most people, which I hope is some comfort. Getting plenty of rest, eating well and following your doctor's recommendations should help.

fillyjonk said...

I knew a bad second (or third, or who knows what this is) wave was coming based on what I've read about the 1918 flu pandemic, and yet....and yet....I wasn't emotionally prepared. This has been a hard couple weeks, especially with my making the final decision there's no way I can visit family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. (My mom is okay with it, not sure how my brother and his family feel about it.)

I have decided for now to only go out for absolute essentials: groceries once a week, pharmacy as needed for supplies. I did it that way back in March, April, and May, had slacked off a little in September (a few bookstore trips) but nope - people here are not good about masking and distancing, and since my behavior is the only person's I control,, well, I keep myself safe by staying home.

I live alone and I don't have anyone in my "bubble," really, so it's extra hard.

I won't lie and say it doesn't suck and I'm definitely going to need therapy after this is all over just to be able to function in public again. But I think it's the only way. If there were a clearer timetable on the vaccine I'd get a calendar and start counting down days, but....

Roberta X said...

Fillyjonk, I know how you feel, especially about re-entering society. Since Spring, I have only gone to work (solo location), the grocery store, some necessary medical and dental stuff and one (1) trip for outside dining. Everything else is drive-through or delivery.

Really missing the antique stores and the bookstores.