Sunday, September 12, 2021

Here Are The Real Numbers

      Indiana is a solidly conservative state.  We've got a Republican Governor and the GOP has had a supermajority in the State Legislature for many years.  The Director of the Indiana Department of Health is appointed by the Governor.

      So when they share this graphic, you can be confident that there's no partisan bias to make the numbers look any worse than they are:

      Want to stay out of the hospital?  Get the vaccine.  Want to improve your chances of survival?  Get the vaccine.  I'm not the boss of you, but the numbers are plenty clear.


Ed Skinner said...

Link for the graphic? I'd like to repost with a link to the source websites URL, PDF download link, whatever. Thank you.

Joe Allen said...

Something odd that the chart seems to indicate: Covid deaths per capita = ~10% of those admitted to hospital. Yet, by the "fractional stick man" measuring system, it appears that nearly all of the fully vaccinated admitted to hospital have "run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible".

No hay to make of that, just found it interesting. If anything, it seems to indicate that the vaccine is effective enough that if you get a bug strong enough to put you in hospital, it'll likely put you in the ground too, on it's own or through a co-morbidity.

Pigpen51 said...

It is because of this kind of statistics that I chose to get vaccinated. Not because of political arguments, or orders, or my wanting to make some kind of anti governmental statement. It was just because I am only 61 years old, and while that is not all that young, it is also not that old, given the average age of death, given a relatively healthy American.
So it only made sense for me to get vaccinated in order to either avoid the virus completely, or at the very least, to reduce the chances of serious illness or death due to getting Covid 19. I don't expect people to follow my decision. I do think that it would be best if they followed facts, and not lies or political narratives, but I also don't like the president's orders for people to be vaccinated, for anything that is not as deadly as something like smallpox, or such. Mandates should be reserved for the very worst of things, lest the politicians get too comfortable with issuing them.

Roberta X said...

Joe Allen, it's not odd if you remember that deaths are a lagging indicator, peaking and dipping about two weeks later than hospitalizations.

Ed Skinner, I grabbed the graphic from their Facebook feed. They probably put it on Twitter as well. I couldn't find it on their website earlier.

Roberta X said...

Ed Skinner, here's the Twitter link for the graphic:

Roberta X said...

Pigpen 51: 660,000 U.S. deaths so far from the virus doesn't count as a "very worst of things?" And I must point out that the "mandate" for private businesses only applies to those with 100 or more employees and allows for weekly testing as an alternative to vaccination.

Polio and smallpox vaccines were pretty much unavoidable when I was a child; if you wanted to go to school, you got them.

Roberta X said...

I have had several comments that try to drag in the data from Israel. I live in Indianapolis, not Tel Aviv. Israel has a vaccination rate of well over 80%; Indiana has barely broken 40%. Indiana has a much higher overall percentage of people with COVID-19 infections. If you can do arithmetic, that's a complete explanation for the supposed discrepancy. If you can't, further attempts to explain it aren't going to get through to you.

I don't get my epidemiological information from a smart-aleck fish-stick heir on TV. Maybe no one should.

Roberta X said...

Here's a link to a graph of excess mortality in the United States covering the last six years, especially for Pigpen 51. Try blaming that on a stalled economy.

The professional consensus is that most of it in excess of the known 660K is due undercounted COVD-19 deaths.

Anonymous said...

One of my acquaintances is a receptionist at a dentist office. She has a dry humor and an acid tongue. She has stated, "I'm vaccinated and I wear a mask, because I'm not an asshole."

Our family is all Pfizer'ed up, and we're wearing masks in stores again.

Two people I know died last week. One was a COVID death, fighting for weeks in the hospital.

It just saddens me to see some many people that are anti-vax/anti-mask/wasn't-an-insurrection/election-was-fraudulent. If the common thread isn't stupidity I don't know what it is.

Roberta X said...

I would like to believe that for many, it is sincere wishful thinking.