Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Update On The Kittens

      Our neighbor called me Sunday.  She'd bought a larger cage for the kittens, with closer-set bars, but the darned thing was a flat-pack and somehow, the wrong parts had gotten interlocked in shipping.  Could I help?

     I could and did.  I'm no great shakes at that kind of puzzle but we managed to unsnarl it and set the cage up.  This provided a perfect opportunity to play with the kittens as we transferred them to their new quarters.

     Photographs were difficult.  Kittens are kinetic!

     As soon as they had some toys, they were bouncing around, playing, climbing and mock-fighting one another.
     The yellow and white kitten sat still long enough for a quick portrait.

     They're scrawny but healthy.  They get one warm bath a day.  They're drinking water and eating soft food, though they're still getting some kitten formula, too.

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