Monday, September 06, 2021

Not-Laboring Day

      Blogging is a bit too much like work in a time where the once exuberantly gonzo Rolling Stone pulls a tyro mistake by giving in to confirmation bias and not making the one darned phone call that would have saved their bacon, and where the folks on the opposite side who have been groovin' on their own flavor of misinformation fueled by confirmation bias like a Big Boy steam locomotive hitting a heavy grade are chortling at the splinter in the other side's eye.

      Wrong is wrong, pernicious nonsense is pernicious no matter who utters it and I am in no mood to give anyone any slack.

      Ranting doesn't help; I'm in a fine mood to climb up a big heap of high dudgeon and hold forth, but in the end, it's just more yak (and not even the useful, beast-of-burden kind).

      So I'm taking the day off.


JayNola said...

What did 4014 and his ilk ever do to you to be drawn into this quagmire? I had the chance to see him his entourage wandering about Jefferson Parish after crossing the Mississippi and on static display in Orleans. Amazing engineering.

Roberta X said...

I went looking for the last coal-fired steam locomotives (thinking of O. Winston Link's photographs of the Norfolk and Western's engines), and hit the Big Boy instead. Though the operating survivor has been converted to oil, they burned a lot of coal on a big job and fit my metaphor.