Friday, October 15, 2021

Better, I Hope

      Now on the "eat your yogurt, take your probiotic supplement" phase of taking the strong antibiotic.

      Tam actually found a brand of plain yogurt for me that tastes like cottage cheese; most varieties have a sharp, metallic flavor (to me) that I dislike but this stuff is tolerable.  I suspect it's akin to the way cilantro tastes great to some people and like soap to others.

      Now if one of the two places making new eyeglasses for me would would get them done soon, I'd be in better shape.  There's nothing quite like being ill and having not-great vision at the same time.  I've doctored up an old pair of distance-only glasses with stick-on bifocals lenses, but they're not as good as the real thing.

     On the up side, I have found some guides to the Belter language from the TV series version of The Expanse.  It's got considerable differences to the version in the books.

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Dishwasher Philosopher said...

They do. The authors are on record that the Creole from the books was much more of a slap dash affair, while the version on the show was created from the ground up by a linguist.