Thursday, October 21, 2021

Slow Shipping?

      There's an interesting article about Pacific shipping snarl-ups at BBC.  Some simplistic memes have been circulating; the reality is (as ever) more nuanced, if equally disappointing.


consteacher1 said...

my son works at a major train hub in Texas. he says they are normally slammed with pre-heaux heaux shipping containers. They're not. its to the point that its becoming hard to find each shift (3) with enough work for 8 hours each. the freight isn't coming in to Texas and they've been told it won't pick up until maybe mid-november. maybe.

Robert said...

"pre-heaux heaux"
My google search yielded something about "hoes".
I suspect another meaning.
Can anyone enlighten me?

Tam said...

But I want to run around with my hair on fire and blame the other team!