Saturday, October 09, 2021

I'm Ill

      Exhausted, dizzy, disoriented, uncomfortable, chills, a bit short of breath, sinuses drippy, coughing without producing much.  I thought it was a UTI and allergies, and stayed home yesterday.  Today...  I don't know. I need to go get tested but I haven't got the energy.

      I haven't been running a temperature, so I am still inclined to think it's nothing special.  Got to find out nevertheless.


Rusty Miller said...

Get well as soon as you can ma'am. You seem to have good instincts about maintaining your health, and I sure that you'll seek out the appropriate care. If you need rest, don't worry about blogging for your readers, as we worry about you... Take care, Rusty

RandyGC said...

I hope you are felling better soon.

Cop Car said...

You have more than your share. Sorry you aren't up-and-at-'em, and hope you are, shortly!