Thursday, March 06, 2008

Countrywide = Ugh

So, I went to make a house payment online. Guess what? If I sign up to do that, I'm stuck with it. As in, "for the whole rest of the term of the loan." Not actually my style; when big money is on the line, I prefer actual artifacts, like statements, receipts and cancelled checks.

Kinda left the notebook with the most recent statement up at the hospital today so guess what, Countrywide? No checkie tonight. If you'd'a been a bit better about it, you'd'a got paid already. But noooooo.

An' a pleasure doin' business w'yez. Geeeeesh.


phlegmfatale said...

omg - that's infuriating.
I sent that book on Tuesday and I crammed a few extra goodies in the box, so some very good chocolate therapy is on its way to y'all.

I'm with you - I want a hard-copy record of ME making the melon-farming payment. I don't trust them to stop the payment when the note is repaid, either.

Roberta X said...

In fact, we received a perfectly womderful box-o-kewlness from you yesterday, Phlegmmie! Each tiny critter was greeted with cries of delight and the card was the capstone -- "They look just like us!" -- until we found the thumbnail-size rubber chicken.

Tam remarked, after we stopped giggling, "We run with the neatest crowd on teh entire intarw3b!"

She's right. We do.

Thank you, Plegmmie. Your gifts showed up at just the right time.

Larry said...

I set it up for automatic payments online, but I don't do it through Citibank's (mortgage holder) website, I do it through my own Internet banking site. That way there is a record kept by my own bank (a neutral third party), showing that I made the payment, it goes through electron-quick, and I can up the amount or stop it any time I want, as well as quickly make an extra payment when wanted. No messy envelopes to likc, no stamps to be bothered with, no "lost in the mail" incompetence. Automated systems are far less likely to screw me up than a person who makes 10 bucks an hour opening envelopes and depositing checks.