Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speakin' Of The Second...And First...

Adventurer Turk Turon snapped this photo on the scene outside SCOTUS and comments, "I thought the red coat was a nice touch."

I've not blogged much in re Heller and I shan't; if it comes to pass I can once again visit Washington City, Chicago and NYC without risking felony charges, I still won't be all that tempted. --But remember, human rights are inherent. Governments may make the free exercise of them awkward but they can only impede; even when penalized or barred, your rights exist.

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jed said...

Heh. I got another one for ya. Too bad I didn't get a better shot, but it's a 1911 (I'm pretty sure) on the left. Feminine Protection. That was at the Tyranny Response Team 2006 Independence Day cookout.