Monday, March 17, 2008

Mom X: Home, Healthy, Fit To Climb The Walls

...Not that she told me; and I wasn't clever enough to ask: they told her not to drive 'til the middle of this week. With my sister and my nephew at the house, it's not like she was totally trapped but her recovery's been, oh how shall I put it, dumbfoundingly rapid. So you can just imagine this very active, energetic woman, with energy she had not felt in some time returned thanks to the stent, faithfully following Doctor's orders. And counting the days like a prisoner!

She's doing extremely well and we're all counting our blessings after her misadventure. She's looking forward to the Spring. (Come to think if it, so am I).

(I didn't tell her about the entire lawn-ful of crocuses* Tam, the Data Viking and I saw Sunday, right around the corner. What a sight!)
* Tam asks, "Shouldn't that be crocii?" But I'm pretty sure that's the plural of "frog."


Lorimor said...

Great! Thanks for the update!

Turk Turon said...

Wonderful news!

BobG said...

Good to hear she's doing better.