Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Voted Today. Better Protect Yourself!

Special election, no less. So we all rode the short bus in the Federal Junior Body 7th District beauty pageant, especially the three candidates.

This is a good thing about Indiana: the ballot offered a Republican (a State Congressbeing and maybe a bit of a nimrod, but that's the worst I've heard), a Democrat (Indianapolis City Councilbeing, scion of a political dynasty and formerly some sort of Homeland Security d00d) and a Libertarian (nice guy and no zanier than his opponents, or not much more). This gave the folks who might have voted D or R reflexively another choice; I've already heard from one chap who picked the Lib mostly on the basis of disliking the other two guys. Media treated the Lib about as well as the other two, despite voicing the belief that he hadn't a prayer. Hey, could be; me, I'd be just as pleased as long as the Democrat loses. We have enough Big Federal Secret Police boosters in the Federal House O'Misrepresentatives already.

...But the real reason I'm here is to once again remind folks that I voted. All things considered, maybe you had better get out there and vote right back at me! It's your first line of defense.


Rob K said...

I so hope Carson loses. We don't need anymore dynasties. Elrod can only be an improvement. That reign of error needs to end.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the reminder. Got one of those reminder post cards in the mail for a guy who doesn't live at my address anymore. I think he might actually be dead!

I can't see Carson losing. He was all over the teevee and the whole taking over in mom's spot thing. Didn't see Elrod on tv one time. Maybe I'm watching the wrong stations.

Roberta X said...

I'll be sorry to see Mr. Carson win, if that's the outcome. In addition to the PR image as The Anointed Heir to the late Jula Carson, he impressed me negatively as a police-everybody Democrat, combining the worst aspects of Left and Right. Other than that he seems like a decent enough guy, but it's a real big "that.".

Jeff said...

And the winner is... :(

Maybe our district has been gerrymandered incorrectly!

It's funny how our local and state politics end up being so Democratic and national so Republican.