Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey! We're Tryin' To Sleep Over Here!

The local weather channel clone has a news ticker and the results of headline-ese are sometimes off-kilter; this morning, "CALIFORNIA TO HEAR GAY MARRIAGE ARGUMENT" scrolled by, leaving me to wonder if it wasn't the same ol' old-couple bickering only with both voices in the same range, or if the pro-and-con had become so loud nobody on the Left Coast was able to shut it out.

Feh. I'm still not seein' why it's any of the gummint's business -- besides, why should anyone be spared messy, expensive, soul-searing divorces? Good luck, you wild kids, and try not to saw the cat in half when you work out who gets what.



Dr. StrangeGun said...

How about this; the government issues and ONLY issues a "bilateral attachment agreement" with no regard as to race, creed or color, and is as legally binding as a marriage... which government no longer will do. Leave marriage for the church, leave legalities to the government.

Roberta X said...

It sounds like a good plan to me.

Plus, I've seen governement and church weddings, and there's no question which entity does a better job of it.

I suppose some whiners will gripe they wouldn't be able to force their church to marry 'em. Tough luck; the Unitarians wouldn't let me carry a gun, either. I moved on.

staghounds said...

ANY competent adults can obtain all the legal rights between each other that marriage carries. A simple contract (rough draft)-

"This contract incorporates by reference all statute and common law incidents and rights of marriage and married persons as they exist at signing, and as they are enacted or repealed, as they apply in (name of state).

I person 1, hereby give to person 2 all rights, privileges, and ownership of property that person 2 would have if person 2 were my spouse.

I person 2, hereby give to person 1 all rights, privileges, and ownership of property that person 1 would have if person 1 were my spouse."

That would do it. And everybody who has any legal background knows it. The only thing that it would NOT do is force insurance and pension rights that belong to third parties.

This "gay marriage" stuff is ALLLLLL about that third party cash.

Roberta X said...

Ah-HA! Well, the plot thickens.

r said...


Yabbut can you get it done for the cost of a marriage license and a JP?

I've been about as entertained by marriage as I care to be, and I simply don't CARE how two or more consenting adults partner up. Their relationship is (was) no threat to my (former) marriage.

It SHOULD be a simple legal contract, blessed by whichever of our tribal witch doctors you choose.

Just take care of whatever kids (or cats) involved.