Friday, March 28, 2008


I'd post something trenchant and witty but

...Came home from work, hopped on the scooter and went to pick up dinner at Yats. Miss Tam said, "Pick up a pack'a smokes on the way, willya?" and off I went.

Rolled up to Neighborhood Petrol neat as can be, parked the Chetak, bought a pack, left 'em at the gas station and did not even realize it 'til I was parked at the eatery waiting for our order and Joe walked by sayin' Howdy. So I made up for it by abandoning two exotic soft drinks -- for which I had paid -- when they handed me the rest of dinner.

Impressive. Not.

Someone that spacey should not be operating a two-wheeled motorized vehicle on city streets, not even a little one, even more so as night is fallin'. It's a wonder I did not forget to breathe.

Which I just about did after dinner -- ran a tub, climbed in with an old Poul Andersen paperback and fell asleep for about a half-hour, with no harm to the book thanks to years of practice.

And so here I am. And I'm still sleepy. G'nite!


Rustmeister said...

It's really, really hard to remember smokes if you're a non-smoker.

Turk Turon said...

Glad you made it home OK.

Need to remember to breathe? Here's something that might work: get a portable cassette player, and a pair of headsets ...

Carteach0 said...

Must have been the alignment of the planets or sumthin.

I had many grand and promising plans for after work.... and ended up crashing in a chair. I meditated for an hour or so.... which devolved into a prebed snooze.

Even the snorkbeast who hides under the bed could not wake me.

Know how ya feel....

Tam said...

On the other hand... Mmmmmm. Yats.

Roberta X said...

Mmmm, Yats indeed. If Riparin culture had nuaght else to offer, Yats would suffice.

O Rusty One, it is more difficult still to remember cigarettes if one stopped smoking a decade ago. Not sure why but it is. (And geez O'Pete, are they expensive now!)

Turk: {grin}

Teach: H'mm, more so that than a busy an' stressful day? Maybe a bit of both!

rickn8or said...


Who's more neurotic, Tam without her smokes or Random Numbers without her lake/porch?

(Ex-smoker meself, and Hully Jeez have they gotten expensive!)

Roberta X said...

H'mmm, like that's anything I an comment on witgout gettin' cross-threaded?

Sadly, though, Rannie-the-cat remains the quayziest. She's tryin', I think, but Tam's patience is wearing thing. I'm no help at all; with my two cats now well past voting age, I have a soft spot in my heart (or is it my head?) for the entire species.

...Tam Does Not Run Out of smokes, buying a new pack any time the Vile Weed Remaining count reaches 10. This is cleverer than my practice, way back when, of waiting until oh-dark-thirty on empty-pocketbook day and havin' to scrounge smokeable butt-ends from the car ashtray. Soooo attractive! And, looking back, one of the main reasons I quit. Total >ick!<

rickn8or said...

It was thoughtless of me to ask you to comment on your roomie's Nicotine Low Light mental stability.

My usual tactic was to buy 'em by the carton, run out and refuse to pay the single-pack price. (Navy Exchange)

Hoping Rannie soon drops to the Normal Cat Psychosis Level.

Lin M. said...

mmmm Yats. . Chili Cheese Etoffee.

Makes Monday's almost bearable.

Lin M.

Turk Turon said...


Roberta X said...

Rickin8or, Tam and I comment on one another's sanity all the time -- I just don't want the cat getting jealous! ;)