Sunday, February 27, 2011

BlogMeet Report

Photos and details are upcoming here; nine bloggers and blogreaders in attendance, including Don Gwinn (who brought himself) and Jeff (who brought official gunblogger Wheelbarrows Full Of Cash). I got mine now, woo-hoo!

I learned I had missed Old Grouch's fabulous poster for the event. For posterity, a copy is herewith appended, or at least until/unless he hands me a take-it-down notice.

Pretty classy, isn't it? Splendid! I'd've posted sooner had I been alert enough.

Great fun, excellent food and fine conversation was had. (A couple of us had Sun King Cream Ale,* too, which I highly recommend. Mind you, I'm not a beer drinker, but I found it mild, even light without being watery; what big-name lagers claim to be and aren't).

All, as they say, will be revealed in the next episode!
* Sun King also has one of the best and most malleable names for a brewer. They've only started their way down the list of Earthly royalty and ancient deities for beer names and label art; withal, it is symptomatic of a degree of detail-oriented thoroughness that could well harken great things for this local company. Their Osirus Pale Ale (APA, rather than IPA) is especially well reviewed.


Brigid said...

I missed Don? Damn. Still at home with the sniffy, sneazing watery eyes, don't I sound like a cold medicine commercial.

Typhoid Mary

perlhaqr said...

One of these years I'll be within striking distance of one of these shindigs. :)

Don said...

You did, and I missed Brigid. But we'll be back.

Nathan said...

Glad everyone had a great time!

It just wasn't a good day here at CurmudgeonHaus. The lady was not feeling well and by the time 3PM rolled around I was pretty well wiped myself.

Sunday nights are generally Mom nights on top of that so trying to fit in a 3PM-5PM blogmeet just doesn't always work. I'll try again next month :)

Old Grouch said...

"Old Grouch's fabulous poster"

Aw, Shucks, ma'am! Fabulosity comes easy when you have great originals to steal from. (Query to the graphically literate: Any ideas as to what that large-and-small-caps type face-- "Indianapolis, Cincinnati..."-- is? I cheated by massaging Zapf Humanist, but it's not really close.)

Brigid, we missed you, too. Nathan, next time bring Mrs.C along.