Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speaking Of Pink Guns

Bersa actually did it right. It's a "pink" Thunder 380, possibly the the most common of the PPK-inspired handguns and generally good value for money if you're after a small carry piece.

First, they have a reason for the pink gun: breast cancer awareness.

Second, they ship the gun with black grips and pink grips -- if the photo is accurate, the first are what's on it as shipped. (One review says the gun arrived with three sets of grips -- and pink-dot sights).

Third, the gun itself is gun-colored (black). The case it ships in is pink, and just old Barbie pink, not SHOCKING OMG THE GLARE pink or funky-bubblegum pink. Whew!

Still not quite to my taste but a lot more tasteful than the usual frikkin' pink gun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It should come with special sights that let you put two in the chest!