Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Don't Tempt The Fates"

When I cleared the walk last night, I was hoping to stay ahead of the predicted snow -- a "dusting" today and plenty more by tomorrow night.

I tempted the fates. What did I get? This:A "dusting" of a couple of inches of snow!

And more on the way. Followed by several days of unusually cold weather.

...But at least I realized the deck was stacked against me. Network news reports from Egypt suggest a deep lack of getting it, as Authorized Journalists continue to cozy up to whatever scraps of the government they can find...and then send back shocked reports when the crowds rough 'em up. I wonder what will happen to the last few when the tide turns and their Official and/or hired guards melt away into the mob? (Tam disagrees with this and tells me Mubarik's agitators are the ones beating up journalists. She's citing sources, even. My comments were based on a single NBC report. --So, "not getting it" may be not realizing when it is time to get most assets out).

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Nathan said...

I tried to leave for DC Saturday morning. I got about 20 miles and turned back. Left Sunday instead.

Egypt 2011 is giving me Iran 1979 flashbacks. Wake me when the embassy is stormed, will you?