Saturday, February 12, 2011

Florida Carry

Bless the Sunshine State for getting the modern respect for the Second Amendment moving; but being an early adopter means missing some subsequent advances and it's time to fine-tune Florida's laws.

Good folks are working on those laws and they could use your help. That link takes you to Robb Allen's summary and sample letter-to-legislators.

First and worst, Floridians are, like Texans, required to maintain concealment: no open carry. That's not just an issue for them, it's a problem for every CCWer from states with better laws, too, since we're not as used to having to fret about "printing" or the occasional firearm revealed by a sweater riding up or while searching through one's purse.

There's plenty more on the counter -- reforming the laws for colleges and universities, bringing Florida's out of state long-gun purchase limits in line with Federal law, among other items.

Florida Carry is carrying the ball on this one. Help 'em out -- at least pass along these links! Florida's CCW experience showed the antis for the self-panicking dissemblers they are and started the modern armed citizen movement. Let's ensure they aren't left behind.

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