Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice Storm & So On

I managed to drive home, 25 mph max through ice pellets like sand. No, more like kitty litter. Which beats freezing rain or even wet snow, but it's strange and treacherous, heaped and drifted, slowly solidifying on the side roads. Still, so much better than a coating of ice -- of which we did get a little earlier in the day. As long as it stays good and cold overnight, things might not be too bad. Might. Of course, the meteorologists of DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! promise a bit more of the same tomorrow.

They moved Mom to a rehab hospital today; I was stuck at work, a dozen miles away. :( Gonna call her next; she may be asleep. It was a lot of effort for her.

Update: So I call her. Mom X is not what you'd call a complainer; oh, given the right circumstances, she'll sigh and barely-tolerate annoying things in a way the clearly indicates This Is Wrong, but that's pretty typical Mom-ing. When it counts, she's a trouper.

...She picks up and there is a TV blaring; Mom asks, "Can you hear that?"
"I can't turn it down. I can't get my roommate to turn it down. I think she's asleep. The nurses are no help."
That's lousy, Mom.
"And it's like 85 in here. Plus I've been waiting for over a half-hour to get someone to answer the call button..."
(Bear in mind that at this point, she's still not walking without major help; so they really had ought not be ignoring that little help-me light unless there's huge major badness elsewhere).
You want me to come up there? No? Well, I'm callin' 'em.

I called 'em. Got the Chief Nurse in charge, who implied Mom's roomie was...problematic. She promised to Take Action and said she'd try to get one or other moved.

I'll be following up. Do they really want me riled at 'em? I can think of a whole lot of reasons why they shouldn't. I'm real persistent. Oh yeah. Plus I'll sic Tam on them.


Brigid said...

Hope you both get some rest. My truck is frozen shut. May have to get a heat gun to get the doors open, but I don't work for a while anyway.

Be safe and I hope your Mom is resting comfortably.

Tango Juliet said...

Good news about Mom though.

And how are YOU feeling Bobbi?

Roberta X said...

Me? ...Not so good. Tough.

RobertSlaughter said...

Hope you and Tam weather the storm OK.

And T&P to you and your Mom.

Tango Juliet said...

This is bad. Go get 'em!! I cannot imagine anyone standing up to you two.

Wish you were feeling better. :(

og said...

I'm encouraged that Mom X is feeling well enough to be annoyed and complain. I hope she doesn't have to complain or be annoyed for long

Hat Trick said...

Hope you and your Mom are both feeling better soon.

Jim said...

I pity the fool who crosses you two.


Anonymous said...

My Nana got moved to another room when she gave her "roommate" a black eye. Other lady would not turn the TV volume down.

Prayers from Colorado for your Mom - and you. OldeForce

John B said...

had to get out the hair dryer to open neighbors car and truck doors, joshed the one neighbor about having moved here from Hawaii.

I keep a light fixture lit inside my car when it gets below 20.

hope you & your Mom feel better soon.


Joshkie said...

I do hope you and Mom X are feeling better soon.
Mr. Bobo is available for guard duty if need; just say the word.


Bob said...

That's pretty much par for the course for hospitals and nursing homes these days. My own mom has been in and out of both for the last two years (she's currently in hospital for a broken leg that happened at her nursing home) and staff typically are indifferent at best and apathetic at worst. I do have to sympathize with them a bit when it comes to room temperature in rooms with elderly patients: while many old folks have died from catching a chill and developing pneumonia in a cold room, none have died from being in a too-warm room.

Stranger said...

I hate to say it, but except for the blaring TV and the difficult ward mate Mom sound like several of my friends who have been at that stage of post bypass surgery.

It's always too hot in cardiac rehab, and it hurts too much to sleep. So they pick up the phone at 1 AM. Or call a sympathetic listener at 2 AM!

Take care of yourself, because Mom has competent help that is not miles away. Help that will be keeping an eagle eye on the monitors - and be there very quickly if something adverse happens.