Wednesday, February 02, 2011

If You Are Reading This

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"(If You Are Reading this:) Roseholme Cottage lost power overnight. I have got to buy a genset big enough to run the furnace and fridge.
"I woke up, had to dig the car out of a huge big icedrift and didn't have time to post anything
"I was just lazy."

I'm certainly lazy enough to leave it. The front and back yards are littered with small, ice-broken limbs and the wind has howled off and on all night. My car looks okay out the window -- it might not even be too iced over.

I may try to get to the store, even. On the other hand, I have a winter storm-sized headache already.


Anonymous said...

My brother has a propane generator now. Wired in so he has water pump for his well and freezer/fridge. (plus wifi)

$2k installed including power panel work.

ViolentIndifference said...

Do storms give you headaches? I get migraines on weather events...

Jim said...

I'm glad it wasn't worse. I hope the roads clear up soon, and that your mom does better in the new place.


phlegmfatale said...

I've been afeared we might lose power here, and have mused to myself it's too bad the refrigerator can't be sited in a place to take advantage of very cold temps, just in case. I spose you could always plop the frozen goods into a bank of snow, but I'd worry about critters getting at the venison and rabbit carcass. And the beer might freeze. On second thought...

Nathan said...

My car looked OK out the window, too...and it still had an inch of ice on the windshield and back window.

Hope your out-the-window look is less deceiving than mine was.

Sport Pilot said...

Your headaches are either environmental or stress based because by this time I’m sure you’ve already had diagnostic tests done on you. Have you been tested for allergies as well? I really recommend the following: dust and dander removal air filtration system(s), dehumidifier for summer and a humidifier for winter, have your house tested for mold and other toxins. Sign up for a Yoga class and once you’ve mastered the basics add in a Tai Chi class as well. Eliminate all analgesics from your self- medication pain solving intake for three months.
The reason is you’ve conditioned your body to expect them and they are compounding your headaches now. Instead use ice bottles and hot water bottles as well as smearing some capsicum based liniment across your forehead and then laying down in a darkened room for a while. In case you’re wondering how I know all of this it’s from a combination of firsthand experience and specialized training.

Roberta X said...

I appreciate your advice, Sport Pilot but there's nothing I haven't tried, from allergy treatment to electo-acupuncture..

Usually ibuprofin will tame my headaches well enough well enough.

No real you-can-point-to-it cause has ever been found and I spent a LOT of time and money on it: wasted both. Started after I punched a tooth root through my upper jawbone and went downhill from there and after five surgeries, here's the deal: it just healed wrong the first time and any further intervention will result in some medium-term relief, followed by either no change or a worsening of the situation. I nearly had to threaten an oral surgeon to even find the hole in my jaw to start with (funny angle/location, hard to see on x-ray) and then the docs played hob trying to get it to close. I have had every specality that works in that part of the face mess with it at one time or another.

I need to just shut up about them. They are a fact of life. They will never go away, so I can either gripe and moan or STFU and get on with more interesting things.

Roberta X said...

Phlegmmy: metal cooler, snow, some assembly required! :)

ViolentIndifference said...

"I need to just shut up about them. They are a fact of life. They will never go away, so I can either gripe and moan or STFU and get on with more interesting things."

That is my rule, too.