Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey, That's Not A Deck Chair

Or is it? (Some) Republicans are trying to stop the upcoming ban on normal incandescent lamps -- and never you mind that the factories that made them are going out, one by one, all across the continent.

We may get 'em back just in time to have to buy all our conventional light bulbs from Red China, too.


JB Miller said...

What the hell are going to heat my Lava Lamps!!

Joseph said...

CFLs may do well in situations where they are on most of the time. My experience, though, is that inside they are too dim and do not last nearly as long as advertised. No to mention the "savings" in electricity are eliminated by the much higher costs.
So we have lost jobs, are sending even more export dollars to China, and for people that have medical problems with CFLs they have much less in the way of lighting options (I like LEDs, but they are still very expensive). So where is the "win" for Americans?

Eck! said...

The RFI that CFLs create is killing HF users.

And the light is not good.


Nathan said...

I'm sure someone will start making incandescents again if this idiotic law is repealed. GE only just closed their last US bulb plant last year if I recall correctly.

Douglas2 said...

AFAIK it is only the "A" format bulbs that are affected by the federal ban, and we are free to market long-life, appliance, candelabra, long-neck, and tough-service incandescent bulbs to our heart's content.
If you like incandescent light, there will still be plenty of bulbs on the market that fit in standard sockets and give the same quality of light. They will just not have the immense market-share that has caused classic "light bulb shaped" light bulbs to routinely sell at 4/$1

Roberta X said...

If you're correct, that's something of a respite. I wonder if I will still be able to buy carbon-filament lamps?