Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stuff That Works: LED Lenser H7 Headband Light

One of the items "left over" from Tam's recent Midnight Three-Gun competition was a nice LED headband light, the LED Lenser H7.* It ended up in my hands and last night, when I had to make a last-minute dash for cat food and needed to get some exercise, too, it ended up on my head when I bicycled off to the grocer's.

Oh, it's a keeper! It's light, it's bright, and thanks to well thought-out tilt, focus and dimmer controls, you can make it do exactly what you need it to do. (And it doesn't run hot!)

I already have lights on my bike but they're mostly to make it easier for drivers and other riders to see it. The recent-vintage front light is bright-ish but you need to already know the road you're riding on. Not so with the H7; it is at least as good at the headlight on my motor scooter, with the advantage of it always being aimed where I am looking. It turned the after-dark return trip into no more challenge than a daytime ride.

Worth looking into, if you need a good hands-free light. Amazon sells them. Gee, I wonder, how about getting there via Tam's link? (And the FTC can bite me -- I don't take kickbacks and I rarely accept freebies; this was a gift from a friend. I only review things I have actually used/read/watched.)
* Surprisingly not also the title of a "Scientifiction" yarn from a Hugo Gernsback magazine. Or the name of a comic-book hero.


Rob K said...

Lawrence Edward David Lenser, optometrist and space adventurer extraordinaire, wasn't he?

Drang said...

Your footnote reminded me:
The works of Hugo Gernsback, at Internet Archive Search: creator:(gernsback)
Includes "Radio For All", "Amazing Stories", volume 1 #'s 1-9 and several numbers of "The Electrical Experimenter". books by Hugo Gernsback (Paperback.)
Kindle Edition: Books by Hugo Gernsback. Includes "The Wireless telephone", 1910 edition, and two biographies.