Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Allergy Sneezin'

     And worse than the sneezes that sneak up and attack like alarming snipers, are the headaches. I go to sleep with a headache most nights, having just taken a pill; I wake up with a headache and eat a bit of breakfast so I can take more pills.

     The headaches cause dizziness, which doesn't always fade with the pain.  Dizzy, I'm reluctant to move, spend the day working at my desk or a workbench, and then wonder why my knees and feet ache when I do have to get up and move around.

     Solving this should be easy: move around more.  Do more.  Go to bed dog-tired and wake up refreshed.  But it's not easy and two days of chilly rain haven't helped.


JayNola said...

Have you tried sleeping on a wedge or something to keep your head elevated and sinuses draining at night? I've had to start sleeping on one for other issues and my sinuses seem much improved as a little langiappe.

Roberta X said...

I've slept on a wedge pillow for years.