Friday, May 17, 2019

No Hamvention This Year

     I had planned to be in Dayton -- well, Xenia -- for the Hamvention today.  As the date approached, my car was having issues; the air-conditioning isn't working and the last time it was in for service, they told me the water pump might fail soon.

     That was Strike One.

     Strike Two was the bill for my cardiac tress test.  My part of it came to over $2500!  I kind of have it, if I make only the minimum credit-card payment, watch my expenses and carry a kind of ugly balance for a few months, but I hadn't planned on it and Hamvention's not much fun if you're broke.  Plus, if my car did act up on the trip, that would push my finances right over the edge.

     Strike Three: Last year, the drive to and from and/or a minor slip while walking hurt my right knee badly enough that I was using a cane for a long time and had to have a couple of months of physical therapy, which took time and money I would have preferred to apply to other things.

     So, no Hamvention this year.  Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

Sound logic applied. Sometimes Damn Life get in the way.

RandyGC said...

Not for me either. Darlin' Daughters university had no consideration for important things when they scheduled her commencement for tomorrow. Da Nerve! ;-)

Maybe we can eyeball QSL next year.

Drang said...

That's too bad. Go log some QRP QSOs instead...

(I think I may have finally talked my wife into getting her Tech license.)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I need an excuse to go next year (I’ve never been). I’d be happy to drive.