Monday, May 27, 2019

Roberta's Birthday (Observed)?

     My Dad was born on Christmas Day.  25 December, only a few years before the Crash of '29, and wasn't that a lousy thing for a kid, to grow up during the Great Depression with the two major gift-receiving childhood holidays falling on the very same day?*

     Me, I didn't have that but for my birthday, there was a big auto race, followed by a day off school for solemn remembrance of Americans who died in our country's military service.  Makes a child feel a bit like a Roman General receiving a triumph, all that wonderfulness and bright gifts...while a slave stands beside them, whispering that all glory is transient and peace is only won by blood and toil.

     Today is Memorial Day.  Take some time to remember those who stood, and fell, the ones who struggled and bled so the likes of us can goof off and grill steaks.

     My actual birthday is tomorrow and I'm reminded that my Mom was a grandmother by the time she was my age.  Me, I've only been a "grandmother" to cats.
* By the time I was noticing the world around me, we would have Christmas presents and breakfast in the morning, and a big Christmas dinner about mid-afternoon, with Dad's birthday presents and cake for dessert.  It seems odd to me not to.


pigpen51 said...

Happy Birthday, early.
But of course, with our gratitude to those who have given their lives so that we might be able to both enjoy our freedoms, and engage in frivolous arguments online, about pointless things. I currently have a son standing on a Navy ship in the gulf of Oman, near Yemen, on patrol, with the carrier group the USS Abraham Lincoln. That danger strikes so closely to home this year is both scary, and fills me with pride and hope, for our nations future. The politics of why we are there has nothing to do with either my son nor myself.
My hope is that perhaps one day, war will be no more, however naive that is. Until that day, thanks go out to all who answer the call.

RandyGC said...

Another early set of wishes for a Happy Birthday.

As for today, to Absent Companions...

B said...

What Randy said.

Happy Birthday.

And rememberances

rickn8or said...

And Happy Birthday Actual.

Annnd Linux. Come on over to the Dark Side.