Thursday, May 23, 2019

Three Nation Fried Rice

     This stuff might be even more international than that; you decide.  Yum, tasty globalism!

     Tam ordered Indian food last night, which meant there'd be a take-out box of nice basmati rice, gently seasoned with a little of this and that, waiting for me in the fridge.

     I had a bag of American frozen vegetables, the good old corn, peas and carrots stuff, and I microwaved about half of it with dried onion and chives while frying a few slices of lightly-peppered, applewood-smoked bacon and then gently browned a couple of slices of sopressata.  Set all that on a plate with paper toweling under it to dry.

     Poured off about three-quarters of the fat, added the rice and once it had warmed, gave it a good sprinkle of shoyu, Japanese soy sauce, and got it nice and toasty.  Added the cooked vegetables and got a lot of moisture off them before pushing it all to the sides and scrambling a couple of eggs over high heat (keep that spatula or chopstick moving!).

     Eggs cooked, I turned the heat way down and snipped the meat into little bits while adding it.  I gave it a good stir, and there you go.  I added cilantro to this batch before plating, but only do that if you're sure you like the stuff!*

     A darned good breakfast.  I'm thinking about taking the leftovers to work for lunch.
* Liking or not liking cilantro isn't a learned taste like olives.  It's genetic; either it tastes strongly soapy to you or pleasantly herbal.  So this isn't a "try it, you might like it," but more of a "find out by taking a small taste of the plain herb before proceeding."


Anonymous said...

Dang you ma'am - had a nice clean shirt on and now I got drool all over it, need to wear a bib when I read the blog ... :^) I usually pass on the cilantro though - just a preference like you said.

PM said...

Interested in your comment about cilantro (which tastes pleasantly herby to me), because I have the same reaction to stirfried ginger - it tastes like dishsoap (don't ask how I know how dishsoap tastes [grin].

Rob K said...

I've known at least one person for whom it tastes like dish soap who still enjoys it, but she grew up eating it before she ever knew how dish soap smelled or tasted. I'm told that people in Europe like rose flavored desserts that Americans say taste like Grandma's decorative bathroom soaps. Association is a huge part of flavor enjoyment.

DRP said...

Cilantro tastes like kerosene or mineral spirits to me. I dislike anise and fennel for similar reasons.